To RSVP or not to RSVP

Hello Party Friends,  

We are all so busy so it is important to get information out as soon as possible to friends and family so they can mark their calendars and plan...especially if they are coming from out of town.  The “Save The Date” is a way of allowing your guests to know the date, time and just a bit of information about your event...the invitation is for the specifics. 

When your invitation comes it will have all of the information you need to know and what is expected of you as a guest. Read your invitation, your host/hostess took the time to write or design your invitation. Your invitation might ask you to RSVP or it might say RSVP regrets only.  This is important, your host/hostess has to plan for food and drinks etc. so knowing how many guests will arrive is so helpful.   I have said it before "planning a party and making it great is hard work".  Make sure you are a good/great guest and pay attention to the details on your invitation. Don’t call or text the host/hostess the day of the event, they are busy…if you have questions ask a few days before the party.

Do you have an invitation that needs and RSVP on your desk or refrigerator??? Go, RSVP now!

  Contact us so we can design your perfect event.  “Let us do the work so you can seize the party.” (TM)


Until Next Time Party Goers,

Regina Michelle