Thoughtful Planning

Going to a party/event is stressful for some people. The thought of having to socialize or mingle with new people can be terrifying. Weddings can be especially hard, some of your guests might not know anyone at the wedding but the bride and groom, that can be difficult. People often tell me I never meet a stranger, however, I feel a bit uneasy in a crowd of strangers that I need to mingle with for hours.

When you are putting your seating chart together for your wedding/event and you are seating guests at a table, make sure you plan your seating chart out with care. You want your guests to feel at ease with the people they are now going to share a meal/evening with. It is impossible to have a perfect seating chart with the perfect pairings, but do your best, it is important. You know your friends, what their likes are, (religion, politics, ages) pair them with people they can relate to.


I like my friends to get to know each other at my personal parties. I am known to split up “cliques”. I work on seating almost as hard as I do decorations, food and design. I put guests together at tables based on things they might have in common; careers, sense of humor, intellect. I want my friends to care for each other as much as I care for all of them, so I plot to get them to know one another. Over time I have watched my friends all become friends with each other and that makes me feel like a winner.

If your event is not a sit down and you have a few guests or one guest that does not know anyone, make sure you introduce them to your friends. Show them around your home so they know where the bathrooms are, where food is located and where to get a drink. If you notice they are alone in a corner go and make them feel welcomed, you can’t make a shy person break out into dance, but you can make them feel secure while they are at your event. Know your guests well enough to know how they might react to others. There are those that have one drink and become the life of the party, others are just not outgoing and that is ok.

When you are making up your guest list start with your closest friends and add from there, not everyone is your friend just because you met them once or twice. Be selective and thoughtful, this is good for you and for your guests.

There are many layers to throwing a great event/wedding. Details are important, one detail that cannot be missed is how to make guests feel comfortable. Planning a wedding/event can be stressful, going to a party/wedding can create anxiety as well. As the host/hostess it is your job to help your guests have an enjoyable experience just by seating them well or by taking time to help them settle in at your party.

RMP can guide you through all of this so you can enjoy your event, we will do the work for you!!!

‘Let Us Do The Work So You Can Seize The Party.” TM

Until Next Time My Party Friends

Regina Michelle

Our Next Event Unfolds.

Right now I am preparing to throw a small private 80th birthday party. I had some beautiful gold “80” numbers made several months ago with the idea we would use them on a back drop. Today I sat with the decorations I’ve gathered, photographed them and began to get a real feel for how they would work together. As I looked at the decorations the whole party started to come to life in my head… this is where the party starts for me. Now I know what I want to see happen with this event and how I want the guests to feel from the time they arrive; are handed that perfect cocktail, taste the food, dance to the well thought-out music, all the way to when they walk out the door with full bellies and tired feet.


I am sitting at my desk sketching out this story and making sure every detail is well executed. I have to organize all of the decorations, make calls to confirm every thing required for this event, put together the guest list, seating chart, and staff diagrams so they know where every thing goes the day of the event. The food is a huge part of any event (remember to serve food that is reflective of the party you are throwing). For example, if you have a sit down dinner you can do a buffet or table service with foods that need a knife like filet mignon. If you are setting up for high tops then have heavy appetizers and foods that don’t have to be cut to eat.

I love setting a table… it is like planting a garden. Make it interesting not flat - give it textures, dimensions and color. You do not have to have all matching place settings which can be a benefit since not everyone has a huge supply of dish ware in their homes. Cloth napkins are not expensive so go to any discount store to get some. They really make a table look nice and your guests will feel the love… again they can be mixed or matched.

Favors (small parting gifts) are a nice touch in my opinion and do not have to be expensive. For example, you can go buy containers and fill them with popcorn, candy, or if you are someone that enjoys cooking make a fun treat to give your guests. Remember, favors are not expected so no worries if you skip them.

If this all sounds overwhelming, then call, email or instagram us… we can do all of this for you. You can also follow us on Instagram and FaceBook to see photos of the Big 80th Bash.

“Let Us Do The Work So You Can Seize The Party” ™️

Until Next Time My Party Friends

Regina Michelle

Food Plans For Your Party

Food can be a daunting part of party planning. Catering is a great option, but how do you know if a catering company is the perfect fit for your event? A “Pot Luck” is always fun and gets your guests involved- I have found my friends like to bring a dish to share. You can also do the cooking, that is if you like to cook and can take on that huge part of your party. We have thrown out three different scenarios: Catering, Pot Luck, You’re the Chef. Now Lets see how we can make them work!

Suggestion One - Catering: Try to get referrals for caterers from friends that have used them with good results. Searching the web is time consuming and can leave you with many questions; is the food good, who will arrive to set up and serve, do they provide serving trays, chaffing dishes, dinnerware and are the servers included in the cost? Having a party catered can be great if done right.

Suggestion Two - Pot Luck: If you have a pot luck I suggest a food sign-up list for your guests that can be emailed or if you are “tech savvy” you can create your own link to a sign up sheet. Make sure your guests can see what is desired and what is no longer available so you don’t have duplicate items. Place the food tables around your home to keep guests moving and socializing as they search for new dishes to try.

Suggestion Three - Chef You: Finally if you cook, get your menu together weeks before the party so you feel confident in everything. Shop for your groceries a few days ahead and prep as much as you can ahead of time. If it’s in your budget, hire a few people to come serve and maintain the food for you. For example they can pass appetizers, refill chaffing dishes and take up empty barware. If that’s not in your budget then I suggest a small dinner party so you can serve your guests and enjoy your time with them.

If this all sounds like an impossible job… use our contact page to submit your information and we’ll reach out to you. We can design the perfect party for you. We have experienced caterers and servers as well as rental decorations for your special day! We can also do florals for you… if we don’t have it we can find it. Don’t wish you could throw a great party, make it happen with Regina Michelle Productions helping you every step of the way.

“Let Us Do The Work So You Can Seize The Party”.™

Until Next Time My Party Friends,
Regina Michelle

My Planning Process

Hello again,

The holidays are quickly approaching. Between now and December we have several private parties happening in our home and one destination party. I sat at my desk a few months ago and prepared folders for each party, started thinking of themes for each party and then started designing “save the dates” and invitations for each event. Even though I was not nearly ready to send out any of those save the dates or invitations, having them is helpful in my process. Each set of save the dates and invitations go into a marked file so they are ready when needed. Then I begin the process of designing the event… this is where the magic happens. For instance our October party is a “Sinners or Saints” costume pot luck. I sent out the save the dates in August so our busy friends can plan (this is merely a respect thing for me). Then we came up with colors for this party and built on that for decorations. I am so happy with the decorations so far and have had boxes delivered daily - it’s like Christmas every day. My office has a great spot for all of my decorations so they are organized… organization is key to keeping your cool. I spend hours searching for new fresh ideas, pushing myself to grow as a party designer. I look forward to posting photos of this process and letting you into my world of creativity.

If you need advice you can contact me. Everyone loves to throw a great party/event. “Let us do the work so you can seize the party” ™️

Until next time party goers,

Regina Michelle

To RSVP or not to RSVP

Hello Party Friends,  

We are all so busy so it is important to get information out as soon as possible to friends and family so they can mark their calendars and plan...especially if they are coming from out of town.  The “Save The Date” is a way of allowing your guests to know the date, time and just a bit of information about your event...the invitation is for the specifics. 

When your invitation comes it will have all of the information you need to know and what is expected of you as a guest. Read your invitation, your host/hostess took the time to write or design your invitation. Your invitation might ask you to RSVP or it might say RSVP regrets only.  This is important, your host/hostess has to plan for food and drinks etc. so knowing how many guests will arrive is so helpful.   I have said it before "planning a party and making it great is hard work".  Make sure you are a good/great guest and pay attention to the details on your invitation. Don’t call or text the host/hostess the day of the event, they are busy…if you have questions ask a few days before the party.

Do you have an invitation that needs and RSVP on your desk or refrigerator??? Go, RSVP now!

  Contact us so we can design your perfect event.  “Let us do the work so you can seize the party.” (TM)


Until Next Time Party Goers,

Regina Michelle



Hello, I am so humbled that you are here!

This is such an exciting time in my life. Regina Michelle Productions is my baby!!  I been the premier event designer for many large companies over the last 30 plus years. It was very rewarding to create so many successful events for my clients. I have created, designed and coordinated parties from 20 guests to over 500 happy party goers. But my greatest love is private parties; birthdays, showers, costume / Halloween, Christmas, dream it we can do it. From the first meeting with our clients we are there to make any event successful, but more importantly, a party that all guests will love and talk about for weeks. 

I am asked to help with parties and weddings all of the time.  This is why Regina Michelle Productions now exists. Our focus in on local events, we love Orlando and want to make all of your parties the best.  Look for tips on decorations, themes, food, attire and much more... I will even give tips on how to be a great guest.

We understand that throwing a party can be overwhelming for some people.  Set up a consultation with me and we can create a great event just for you.

“Let us do the work so you can seize the party.” (TM)

Until next time

Regina Michelle

About Us and Our Mission

Regina Michelle Productions is an event design and production company focused on small to medium size parties, celebrations, and gatherings. We take the stress of planning the event off your shoulders so you can enjoy the party alongside all your guests! 

We have over 30 years of event planning experience ranging from small intimate parties to large corporate events. 

Our goal is to delight our customers by providing a range of services from conceptual design to the “day of” operations with exceptional attention to detail. 

“Let us do the work, so you can Seize the Party.” ™️