Food Plans For Your Party

Food can be a daunting part of party planning. Catering is a great option, but how do you know if a catering company is the perfect fit for your event? A “Pot Luck” is always fun and gets your guests involved- I have found my friends like to bring a dish to share. You can also do the cooking, that is if you like to cook and can take on that huge part of your party. We have thrown out three different scenarios: Catering, Pot Luck, You’re the Chef. Now Lets see how we can make them work!

Suggestion One - Catering: Try to get referrals for caterers from friends that have used them with good results. Searching the web is time consuming and can leave you with many questions; is the food good, who will arrive to set up and serve, do they provide serving trays, chaffing dishes, dinnerware and are the servers included in the cost? Having a party catered can be great if done right.

Suggestion Two - Pot Luck: If you have a pot luck I suggest a food sign-up list for your guests that can be emailed or if you are “tech savvy” you can create your own link to a sign up sheet. Make sure your guests can see what is desired and what is no longer available so you don’t have duplicate items. Place the food tables around your home to keep guests moving and socializing as they search for new dishes to try.

Suggestion Three - Chef You: Finally if you cook, get your menu together weeks before the party so you feel confident in everything. Shop for your groceries a few days ahead and prep as much as you can ahead of time. If it’s in your budget, hire a few people to come serve and maintain the food for you. For example they can pass appetizers, refill chaffing dishes and take up empty barware. If that’s not in your budget then I suggest a small dinner party so you can serve your guests and enjoy your time with them.

If this all sounds like an impossible job… use our contact page to submit your information and we’ll reach out to you. We can design the perfect party for you. We have experienced caterers and servers as well as rental decorations for your special day! We can also do florals for you… if we don’t have it we can find it. Don’t wish you could throw a great party, make it happen with Regina Michelle Productions helping you every step of the way.

“Let Us Do The Work So You Can Seize The Party”.™

Until Next Time My Party Friends,
Regina Michelle