Our Next Event Unfolds.

Right now I am preparing to throw a small private 80th birthday party. I had some beautiful gold “80” numbers made several months ago with the idea we would use them on a back drop. Today I sat with the decorations I’ve gathered, photographed them and began to get a real feel for how they would work together. As I looked at the decorations the whole party started to come to life in my head… this is where the party starts for me. Now I know what I want to see happen with this event and how I want the guests to feel from the time they arrive; are handed that perfect cocktail, taste the food, dance to the well thought-out music, all the way to when they walk out the door with full bellies and tired feet.


I am sitting at my desk sketching out this story and making sure every detail is well executed. I have to organize all of the decorations, make calls to confirm every thing required for this event, put together the guest list, seating chart, and staff diagrams so they know where every thing goes the day of the event. The food is a huge part of any event (remember to serve food that is reflective of the party you are throwing). For example, if you have a sit down dinner you can do a buffet or table service with foods that need a knife like filet mignon. If you are setting up for high tops then have heavy appetizers and foods that don’t have to be cut to eat.

I love setting a table… it is like planting a garden. Make it interesting not flat - give it textures, dimensions and color. You do not have to have all matching place settings which can be a benefit since not everyone has a huge supply of dish ware in their homes. Cloth napkins are not expensive so go to any discount store to get some. They really make a table look nice and your guests will feel the love… again they can be mixed or matched.

Favors (small parting gifts) are a nice touch in my opinion and do not have to be expensive. For example, you can go buy containers and fill them with popcorn, candy, or if you are someone that enjoys cooking make a fun treat to give your guests. Remember, favors are not expected so no worries if you skip them.

If this all sounds overwhelming, then call, email or instagram us… we can do all of this for you. You can also follow us on Instagram and FaceBook to see photos of the Big 80th Bash.

“Let Us Do The Work So You Can Seize The Party” ™️

Until Next Time My Party Friends

Regina Michelle