Thoughtful Planning

Going to a party/event is stressful for some people. The thought of having to socialize or mingle with new people can be terrifying. Weddings can be especially hard, some of your guests might not know anyone at the wedding but the bride and groom, that can be difficult. People often tell me I never meet a stranger, however, I feel a bit uneasy in a crowd of strangers that I need to mingle with for hours.

When you are putting your seating chart together for your wedding/event and you are seating guests at a table, make sure you plan your seating chart out with care. You want your guests to feel at ease with the people they are now going to share a meal/evening with. It is impossible to have a perfect seating chart with the perfect pairings, but do your best, it is important. You know your friends, what their likes are, (religion, politics, ages) pair them with people they can relate to.


I like my friends to get to know each other at my personal parties. I am known to split up “cliques”. I work on seating almost as hard as I do decorations, food and design. I put guests together at tables based on things they might have in common; careers, sense of humor, intellect. I want my friends to care for each other as much as I care for all of them, so I plot to get them to know one another. Over time I have watched my friends all become friends with each other and that makes me feel like a winner.

If your event is not a sit down and you have a few guests or one guest that does not know anyone, make sure you introduce them to your friends. Show them around your home so they know where the bathrooms are, where food is located and where to get a drink. If you notice they are alone in a corner go and make them feel welcomed, you can’t make a shy person break out into dance, but you can make them feel secure while they are at your event. Know your guests well enough to know how they might react to others. There are those that have one drink and become the life of the party, others are just not outgoing and that is ok.

When you are making up your guest list start with your closest friends and add from there, not everyone is your friend just because you met them once or twice. Be selective and thoughtful, this is good for you and for your guests.

There are many layers to throwing a great event/wedding. Details are important, one detail that cannot be missed is how to make guests feel comfortable. Planning a wedding/event can be stressful, going to a party/wedding can create anxiety as well. As the host/hostess it is your job to help your guests have an enjoyable experience just by seating them well or by taking time to help them settle in at your party.

RMP can guide you through all of this so you can enjoy your event, we will do the work for you!!!

‘Let Us Do The Work So You Can Seize The Party.” TM

Until Next Time My Party Friends

Regina Michelle